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Authentic Korean Food in London

Hello London!

Korean cuisine has experienced continuous change over the years and remains one of the core forms in which Korean culture is exported to the world. Korean BBQ aka K-BBQ has always been considered to be a universally palatable dining experience that encompasses a wide range of flavour combinations from the spicy to the sweet.

Here at Nobiani Kitchen, we aim to offer a unique adaptation of K-BBQ while still remaining true to its authenticity. K-BBQ has traditionally been enjoyed as a sit down meal in a restaurant but we offer a quick alternative by serving the food in a burrito or a rice-box. So it is perfect for those seeking a quick, easy and above all, delicious meal.

‘Gochujang’ is a traditional Korean paste made from spicy red chillies and forms the base for a lot of spicy Korean dishes. We apply it here as a marinade for the Buldak Chicken and Pork Bulgogi dishes which provides a source of heat and spice. Although Korean cuisine is characterised by the prevalence of spice, the Soy Glazed Chicken and Beef Bulgogi dishes are made from a rich sweet marinade for those seeking a non-spicy BBQ option.

Finally, we offer a Spicy Tofu dish which is suitable for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet. This dish offers a meat-free alternative while still retaining authentic K-BBQ flavours. The two rice options we offer are Kimchi fried rice and plain jasmine white rice. Kimchi is a Korean spicy pickled cabbage which has traditionally been served as a side dish for centuries. More recently Kimchi fried rice have gained popularity as a way of serving rice.

We are constantly evolving our menu and devising recipes that cater to everyones preferences and you will see regular updates on our website for new dishes and menu items.

Our flagship location is at the Southbank Centre Food Market in London and we are open every friday-sunday for both lunch and dinner so please feel free to come down whenever you feel hungry.

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