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Our Food


Buldak Chicken

Our most popular meat option is the spicy buldak chicken. Chicken thigh pieces are marinated with our in-house spicy gochujang based marinade. For those who are fans of spicy food, our buldak chicken offers a genuine taste of Korean BBQ.


Spicy Pork Bulgogi

Pork Belly remains one of the most popular meats in Korean Culture and is a consituent component of many iconic Korean dishes. The marinade is an apple-infused spicy gochujang sauce which gives the pork belly a spicy taste with a sweet accompanying undertone.


Beef Bulgogi

We understand that spicy food may not be for everyone and we have adjusted our menu options accordingly. Our thinly sliced beef is marinated in a pear-infused soy based marinade to give the beef a genuine sweet-savoury taste. 


Soy Glazed Chicken

Much like the Beef Bulgogi dish, this serves as an non-spicy alternative. Our marinade is a fruit-infused soy based sauce which gives the chicken a savoury taste with a slight sweet undertone. 


Spicy Tofu (Vegan)

With modern dietary changes, vegetarian and vegan dishes are becoming more and more popular. We use organic tofu marinated in our gochujang based spicy sauce to serve as a meat free alternative to those who still want to experience genuine KBBQ flavours.

Our Serving Options


Bibimbap Bowl

The term 'bibimbap' literally translates to 'mixing rice'. This is a traditional dish in Korea and the name describes how it is meant to be eaten. A bed of rice is covered with many seasoned vegetables including carrot, courgettes, spinach, beansprouts and radish kimchi along with your choice of KBBQ. The dish is topped with a fried egg. All of the components serve to form a healthy dish that keeps to its traditional origins.

KBBQ Rice Bowl

One of the most popular takeaway dishes in the UK are rice bowls. Either white rice or our kimchi fried rice is topped with your choice of KBBQ. The dish is also served with various toppings including spring onion, fresh red chilli, pickled radish and fresh salad. We also have our in-house sauces including Korean Chilli Sauce and Sesame Mayo.

KBBQ Burrito

One of the necessary qualities of street food is the 'on-the-go' suitability. This is where our fusion of both Mexican and Korean cuisine comes in. Our burritos contain a bed of either white or kimchi fried rice with your choice of KBBQ. Toppings include spring onion, fresh red chilli, cheese, pickled radish and fresh salad. Our in-house sauces include Korean Chilli Sauce and Sesame Mayo.

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